Your Own Brand of Magic


Hi everyone!

Today, I want to talk about uniqueness.

The other day I was re-re-re-re-reading the Harry Potter series, in total awe of how J K Rowling ever managed to imagine the ridiculously intricate world that is brilliant and realistic at the same time. Then, even though creativity isn’t a limited supply, I started doubting my own writing skill. I could never, in a million years, create an environment as fantastic as Harry Potter’s.

After allowing myself to wallow for a few seconds, it was time to get a grip. Rowling has twenty years more experience than I do. My talents might not lie in the creation of worlds, but maybe in description (it’s not, but still) or dialogue (maybe) or plotting or character creation or any other number of different aspects that make up a story.

Maybe in the future, I, and we all, need to reread our writing and work out exactly what our personal strengths and weaknesses are. When we have a full understanding of ourselves, our writing can only improve. Either we can play to our strongest abilities, or learn to develop on our flaws.

You are the only person in the universe who can write exactly like you. Your life experiences, emotions, memories, relationships, ideas and opinions shape your writing and because of that, never doubt yourself. Your writing will resonate with people as long as you stay honest with yourself. Don’t try to emanate anyone else because you think it will help you to write better; it won’t. You’ll end up a shadow of your true, glorious self.

The lesson you should get from this is: your magic isn’t meant to be like anyone else’s.

J x

PS: I’m so the black jar it’s unreal. It’s like someone had bottled up my soul.


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