Writing Prompt of the Week #3

Hi everyone!

This week’s prompt of the week isn’t going to be a picture, it’s going to be via music.

I’ve tried and tested this one myself, normally just for short stories where it’s all about the here and now rather than plotting etc. It’s interesting, so I hope it helps you.

So the idea is, you put your iTunes (or Spotify or Apple Music or Amazon Music) on shuffle of all the songs, and write down the first three songs it comes up with. Listen to the lyrics, write down your interpretation of them, Google what other people thought the lyrics meant, compile some ideas and thoughts on the page.

Now, this is what the three songs mean for your story:

First Song: the beginning/characters of the story

Second Song: the middle/the climax/the problem

Third Song: the ending/the resolution

Of course, you can really switch this up to mean whatever you like. If you prefer the three songs to inspire your characters, your plot, your protagonist’s problems, the love interest, the genre of your story, anything you like just adapt this to what you feel works for you.

Happy writing!

J x


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