I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson – Book Review (No Spoilers!)

If you’re looking for your next emotionally charged, young adult novel to spark memories of teenage love – this is it. This romance is packed with drama while it cleverly explores themes of fate, relationships, family, art, death and friendship.

i'll give you the sun

Noah and Jude are insperable twins – until an untimely tragedy tears them apart. While they both try to get to grips with family issues, college and their art, two boys come along that have them revealing their “inner faces” they had buried deep down within themselves.

The book is split into two parts that swap throughout, one side told from thirteen year old Noah’s wildly whimsical point of view, the other told by introverted, pessimistic, witchdoctor wannabe Jude. The two characters are fleshed out and realistic, but Noah’s half of the novel is just that more involving, creative, passionate that Jude’s portions pale in comparison.

Throughout the novel it is easy to see how well thought out everything is, every little detail becomes relevant to the plot and the mysteries and intrigue all weave together to create a wonderful pattern until the conclusion where everything is tied up. The ending chapters are possibly a little too perfect but regardless it’s heart-warming and satisfying. I closed the book with a smile on my face.

For teenagers in the midst of learning about all of these crazy life events, or for adults in need of some optimistic nostalgia and to feel the passion of youth burning bright again – read this book.

Happy reading!

J x


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