Writing Prompt of the Week #4

Hi everyone!

A whole month has passed now since we started story prompts! That’s four weeks, or twenty eight days. Six hundred and seventy-two hours…

Wondering why I’m being weird? Well…

When we’re trying to get inspired with our creative writing, and think of new ideas to help us plot the next big story, sometimes a theme can be all we need to spark our imagination. Creative writing exercises like writing prompts or story writing topics can be just what we need to generate some well needed short story ideas.

This week we had the clocks spring forward an hour so to celebrate this, let’s have a theme for our narrative writing prompt of the week.


1. Try writing a story that is non-linear with a satisfying conclusion or twist that wraps it all up nicely.


2. Try writing a story that’s central focus is time: not having enough, it running out, a particular period in history, a time of year (season), a temporary situation, New Year’s Eve countdowns, or a snapshot of a moment.


3. Even more niche than that, write about time as a physical object. Clocks, watches, sundials, watchmakers, timekeepers, bomb squads, let your mind really think out of the box!

Whatever you write, I know it’ll be brilliant. Good story ideas can blossom from the smallest seed.

I’d love it if you let me know how you get on.

Happy writing!

J x


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