Getting in the routine of writing


It’s not exactly an inspiring word. When you think of writing, you think of creativity and inspiration and free-flowing ideas – not routine.

But you need it.

Whether you’re a morning person and you can get up a little bit earlier, or an evening person and you don’t mind going to sleep later than normal – you need to find a time either weekly or ideally, daily, where you set aside some dedicated time to write.

Another way to help with getting in this mindset is having a space for writing – a desk, a room, a library, somewhere you can go and know that it’s time to get your head down and start penning your next novel.

Writing isn’t about feeling amazingly inspired all of the time, each time you write a few words. It’s about getting words down on a page, whether you think they’re up to the standard you’d like or not. That’s the purpose of editing.

You type away to your heart’s content to get all of the ideas and words and dialogue and plot onto the page – that’s the fun bit, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Because then, when that bit is done, you need to edit and transform that crap into something structured and meaningful.

And that is not fun.

You’ll be wishing you were back to writing again because no writer ever dreamed of being an editor. It’s just one of the necessary evils to getting your work finished. It feels like getting your favourite piece of artwork and slashing it all over and then trying to piece it together again with your eyes closed hoping it will turn out okay.

But it will turn out okay.

And before you know it, your boring routine will have spawned a piece of writing that will make you feel prouder than you ever have before.

So what are you waiting for?

Get writing!


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