Writing Prompt of the Week #7

Hi everyone!

This week’s writing prompt is going to be a bit different to previous posts. I think it’s time to switch up our process, and instead of creating new ideas we develop already blossoming ones. 

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re a writer. You have a story you want to tell, but either you’re stuck and wanting to diverge for a while, or you’re planning and experimenting, or you’ve just finished your piece and your letting loose a little. 

Whoever you are, whyever you’re here, grab your pen and paper or laptop depending on how old school you are and let’s get started…

Develop current characters

If you have a piece you’re planning or working on right now, either pick one of your main characters – your protagonist is a good place to start – or a character you feel is underdeveloped. 

Now write them a setting that is so different to the one you’ve put them in for your main story, or an extreme situation. Some examples can be:

  • Outer space being chased by aliens
  • Battling lions in an ancient Roman gladiatorial fight to the death
  • Sailing the high seas during a mighty storm
  • Fist to fist fighting on top of a thirty storey building 
  • In a job interview for President
  • In a supermarket when a celebrity comes over to ask for help

Take your pick! Or make up your own. Just make sure your character and you are uncomfortable and see where it takes you. 

Why do it?

An excersize like this really helps you to understand the mind of your characters. Most writers realise that characters have a tendency to develop their own thoughts and feelings and decide for themselves exactly how their story should go. 

You need a 3D character for this to work. If your character is a stranger to you, you won’t be able to decide what would actually happen in those extreme circumstances. If you have a fully fleshed out character then they’ll basically do the writing for you. In your main story your plot might dictate your characters’ actions but this helps to shape them properly and establish them fully in your mind. 

Let me know how you get on!

Happy writing!

J x


Getting Organised


Hi everyone!

So this week, I decided to up my writing game and get organised. Let me tell you how.

When I get in from work on a night, even if writing is the last thing I actually want to do, it’s what I try to do. However in my home I have no dining table, coffee table, or any space to get my head down and write, write, write. Having my neck bent in half to type with my laptop on my knee, the TV blasting right in front of my face, trying to tempt me away from my goals.

After a couple of weeks of trying to make this work for me, and failing, I went straight onto Gumtree to see if anyone was selling a desk. What I needed the most was a space that was mine, just for writing, where I can focus and concentrate properly. A bubble.

The desk you see above this writing is the fantastic one that now resides in my living room. The chair is more comfortable than my sofa (this says more about the sofa than the chair, trust me) and it faces away from the TV and at a plain, blank wall that helps me to think deeply.

Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve felt more like a real “writer” – which is stupid, because if you consider yourself a writer, you’re a writer – and like I’ve invested something tangible, not just time, into my passion. I have a desk complete with all of notebooks, pens and a beautiful, decades old book of fables I keep visible for inspiration.

It’s even helped me feel motivated enough to get back into Blogging, which I’ve always loved and dabbled in but now is something I need to get into, to streamline my thoughts, to learn about the process of writing, and to network and hopefully get some online presence for when I have my first story finished and attempt to have it published in whatever form.

The lesson from this for you could either be, if your motivation is failing somewhat, to get a desk or a set space in your home purely for writing where you can’t be disturbed. If you already have somewhere appropriate, why not reorganise it? Change up the decorations, display inspirational quotes and photos, clean it if its needed it for a while. Pintrest is going to be your best friend for this one.

Happy writing!

J x

PS: The irony of this post being, of course, that my neck now hurts from twisting mid-sentence to watch this truly terribly reality show on TV right now. Do as I say, not as I do.